Premade Cocktails & Dispensers

There’s more than one way to Cocktail...

Small batch personalised Bottled Cocktails

$16 each

Oh-so-cute small-batch bottled 275ml Cocktails with personalised labels (serves 2 standard drinks)

Can be custom branded with company logos (pricing POA)

Sip from the bottle or pour into a glass over ice.

Min order qty: 10.


Bulk Dispenser Cocktails

Mittie infuses fresh fruits, herbs and spices together with quality spirits to make the most delightful Cocktail creations in either 5 or 8 litre dispensers, making it a really economical way to serve and delight your guests.

The recipe choices are endless!

8 Litre Cocktail Dispensers: $260 each
5 Litre Cocktail Dispensers: $170 each
*Includes customised acrylic cocktail menu.

Check out our Delish List for Cocktail recipe inspiriation.